Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The brew that didn’t happen!

So much for wanting to experiment with yeast dosage and aeration ! Didn’t get down to brewing anything whatsoever. My servant was on leave and the lazy me didn’t want to do all the hard work myself. If you are a brewer in any other place other than India, here is something you can envy - we, people in India, have servants. Yes. You read that right. And they help out whenever needed. Perhaps you should move to India…

What I ended up doing was buying a couple of cans of Guinness Stout & Kilkenny Irish Red. Started drinking at noon this Saturday. The thought was ‘a couple of beers never hurt anyone’. Guess what, it wasn’t a couple of beers. Started with Kilkenny then opened a Guinness. Half way through the Guinness, I thought it would be a good idea to compare the stout I brewed a couple of weeks ago and see if I have made at least something close to a stout. Surprise. Surprise. The stout I brewed was indeed very much like the Guinness. I think about 90 % there. The only differences were: 1. I used less chocolate malt hence my beer was lighter in color. 2. I did not aerate before pitching so there were some esters. Nonetheless, am proud of what I was able to brew with 6 row barley (no 2 row in India), home roasted unmalted barley and home roasted chocolate malt.

Take a look at the picture. One on the left is my homebrew.

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