Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Experimenting with yeast dosage

What am I going to brew this Sunday? An American Pale Ale which is mashed at a high temp (70 C) to get more dextrins. A split fermentation. One with 2.5 grams dry California Ale yeast and the other with 1.25 grams of California Ale yeast. BTW, the volume of each split will be about 1.8 litres. According to normal pitching rates, 1.25 grams should be sufficient. However, all this while I have been using 2.5 grams. Further, I haven’t been oxygenating the wort properly. In this brew, each split will get 20 minutes of aeration using a standard aquarium pump without an aeration stone (no stone because last 2 times the darn thing hasn’t worked).

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