Friday, February 15, 2008

Yeast dosage & aeration successful!

Finally, I got to taste the results of my experiments with yeast dosage & aeration! These beers have been sitting in my fridge (cold conditioning) since a month now and they taste wonderful. The high ester profile I got when I didn't aerate is gone. The beers are clean and the esters aren't overwhelming. They are just right! Yippie!

By the way, I also brewed an American Wheat a week after brewing the Irish Red and the Blonde Ale and that too came out really nice. This week, I have some friends over and I am going to have a beer tasting at home. Will serve these beers in champagne glasses! Cheers!

Building on the aeration experiment, I found a supplier for a portable oxygen tank (I know this is geeky but guess what, I am a geek) and have recently brewed a Belgian Wit and a German Hefe. Oxygenated them for 2 minutes (no stone). Let's see how these turn out.

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