Thursday, March 6, 2008

Belgian Wit & German Hefe

In my last post, I mentioned that I would be brewing these beers and using the oxygen tank to aerate the wort just before pitching. Well, did that and also primed, bottled and tasted them! Result: not bad at all :)

A friend of mine was down from the US and he was the one who had introduced me to Hoegaarden - one of the best Belgian Wit's out there. When I told him about the beer I had made and gave him one to taste, he loved it! I too liked it. Just some tweaks (lower OG = lower alcohol) and it will be perfect. The German Hefe was also excellent. Cloudier than the Belgian Wit but that was expected. The carbonation was also a bit higher. Great beer to wash down spicy, greasy meats.

This week, I bottle a Blonde Ale, cold condition 8 liters of Belgian Pale Ale (made last week) & also make a couple of more beers!

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