Friday, October 7, 2011

Interested in brewing? Come to the beerfest @ Bandra!

If you have been wanting to brew beer at home and did not know where to start, come to the beerfest at Bandra. I will be conducting 2 sessions on brewing at home in India. Will give you the lowdown on how to brew and what all you will need to brew at home in Mumbai.

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Jack Love Blender said...

Hi, I have attended your Beerfest talk, Excellent man. You have been really helpful for some one who wants to learn the beer making process. Frankly I am fed up of KF beers and want to try some of my own.

I am planning to do do it at home here in chennai but have some few queries, hope you will address it.

1) The supplier you mentioned ie imperial malts, do they supply all over india, Do they supply small quantity, How are their prices, This price for malt was not there in your presentation
2) What do you mean by topias -6 liters, Is it some kind of Can.
Does the fermented has to be airtight, Does it has to have a value to release the CO2 safely, without valve wouldn't it be dangerous.
3) I did not see you mentioned any sanitization of the utensils in the process, Is it not required.
4) What is the best site to order hops, yeasts etc. Does the customs make any fuzz by importing this, I guess it should not but just checking.
Thats for now,
Take care
Sara john