Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cracked Wit - German Hefe meets Belgian Wit

Wheat malt is the basic ingredient in a German Hefe and unmalted wheat is the basic ingredient in a Belgian Wit. But what do you do when you can't get wheat malt? Make your own? Perhaps! But if you aren't inclined to malting, use cracked wheat: plain old unmalted cracked wheat (aka, daliya).

Here is the recipe that is a result of few experiments to get the color (pale straw) and flavor right. 34% unmalted wheat, 1% medium crystal malt 90L added after 1/2 hr of mashing, 5% oats, 60% barley malt. Do a single infusion at 67c. Ferment with WB-06 dry yeast at 15c. IBUs can range from 8-15. The Cracked Wit I brewed recently had 15 IBUs and was a bit dry as the original gravity was 1.047. Next time, I will shoot for 8 IBUs and a gravity of 1.050. Looking forward to a nice brew!

Anyone have any experience with WB-06 dry yeast? Would love to tweak the fermentation process to produce a bit more banana flavor.



Craft Beer India said...

WB06 is notorious for being a bit stingy with the banana aromatics that you desire. A common technique is underpitching to stress the yeast and pitch it dry without making a slurry or aerating. Another traditional technique is to use open fermenters as the geometry of these vessels reduce the pressure on the yeast. Finally, you can try a ferulic acid rest around 45degC for about 15 mins...all of these techniques are commonly used to get more can also try using a different yeast like WLP300 which accentuates spicy and clove but only moderately gives you banana. Cheers!

Navin Mittal said...

Thanks for the insight CBI. If I am not mistaken, a rest at 45c increases ferulic acid which directly contributes to the development of clove like phenols. I am already getting those in my beer. Perhaps stressing the yeast is the way to go to produce more esters. i.e. banana

Craft Beer India said...

correct, actually 4-vinyl guiacol to be exact...this, in combination with some crystal malt (or just plain cane sugar) will help create more fruity aromatics including bubblegum (with wb-06). careful with underpitching yeast (below 6 million cells/mL) as you can also create higher levels of ethyl acetate (nail polish remover). If what you want is isoamyl acetate~banana then you might want to look at WS-68@7mil/mL and try starting with temperatures around 18ÂșC and warming up slightly towards the end of fermentation. I also think 60% malted wheat also contributes to banana

Navin Mittal said...

Makes sense. Time to start experimenting with over 50% wheat malt and also with another yeast!