Thursday, October 4, 2012

Brewing up a passion!

I haven't brewed beer in a while and even if I really want to, I just can't seem to find the time. With setting up Gateway Brewing Co., Mumbai's first micro-brewery which will be production ready by end of Nov (if all goes well), and teaching others to brew, time is something I haven't got much of.

Archit, Harsh, Prateeksh, Umang, Lenin & Azeem are already brewing. Abhisek & Deepak will start soon. Many others in the making via email. That gives me immense gratification  not to mention the beers that I get to drink (I hope so) continually from these guys!

Until I brew the Belgian beer and the Wheat beer I have been itching to brew, get in touch if you want to brew beer at home!



Unknown said...

Hello sir my self viral patel I want to start brewing but don't have a clue about where to find malt extrect hops please can you give me some idea about that

Banshai said...

Hi there... I've always dreamed of brewing beer in my own place but I lack the knowledge. Could you give me some tips and email me at

Banshai said...

Hi there, I've always dreamed of brewing my own beer but lack the knowledge and the resources on how to do it. Can you share some tips with me?

Fox said...

hey dude, great idea...yep im interested to learn to brew beer.. m based in me on or call me on 9820055942

Snehal Patel said...

Hey i am from Dombivli, how can i get a taste of our very own? :-)

Nisha said...

Hi there, i've been looking forward to getting more inputs and expertise on brewing craft beer. could you please help me with the raw materials as to where to find them in india? any idea about sale of home brewing kits in india? I'm looking forward to starting a micro brewery production unit in bangalore. Would be great to get in touch with people with similar interest and experience. Thanks. looking forward to your reply.

Unknown said...


Nice blog

Would you have any idea where I can get a beer flow meter to measure the output of beer from a keg / beer dispenser.