Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pale Ale with WB-06

WB-06 is a great yeast for a Hefeweizen but what about using the yeast for other beers? I have made a Belgian style Wit with WB-06 but the results aren't good. The beer is drinkable but it is neither like a Belgian Wit nor is it like a Hefe!

After brewing Hefeweizens successfully, it was time to experiment with another grain bill. Will the yeast create banana & clove notes when there is no wheat malt? In the previous Wit batches, I did not pick up those notes but that was a while ago. In this batch, I used 100% barley malt, 1.052 gravity with 20 IBUs. Everything at a constrained level to let the yeast do its job and shine. Fermentation temp is 16c and I pitched at 17.5 c just like the delicious Hefeweizen's I have brewed so far.

Will post updates soon. Brewday was 8th Jan so perhaps I can taste after 5-6 days and bottle over the weekend. Any homebrewer's want to try this beer? Let me know!


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