Thursday, January 10, 2013

The brew that didn't happen...

The planned brew did not happen today but doesn't mean it will not happen. Thought I would write about it so that other home brewers can try it out as well.

Decoction mashing is a classic procedure and is necessary, according to the purists, to produce the right flavour / notes in German style beers. But many home brewers and craft breweries do not do decoction. There are many thoughts out there about what can be added to the beer to simulate decoction. Then there are debates about decoction itself. Does it really do anything to the beer?

One option is to use crystal malt in small quantities and the other is to do a longer boil. The premise being that crystal malt will add melanoidins and so will a longer boil. This is what I planned to do. Brew a hefeweizen with 50% wheat malt, 50% barley malt, 15 IBUs and use WB-06 yeast. Ferment at 16c. The only difference from previous batches would be a 2 hour boil instead of a 1 hour boil. Hops to be added after 60 minutes of boil has been completed lest you want a higher level of bitterness!

Anyone want to try this? Or the crystal option? Perhaps 1% crystal malt, 90 Lovibond?


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