Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Update: Pale Ale with WB-06

Not the best picture. Low light and a mediocre camera does this but none the less, a worthy update.

In 4 days the carbonation level was achieved. Tasted after 24 hours of chilling.

The beer has a decent head. Is golden in color. Aroma is fruity and has banana esters. The typical clove phenol is absent. Wheat malt contributes to clove like aromas. The beer is nice to drink. Not to bitter given 20 IBU's but a bit young hence a slightly harsh bitter ending.

10 days at 4-8c in the fridge will improve it dramatically. It will clear. Taste will be smoother. Harsh bitterness will become mellow. Some other yeast characteristics will come through. Will it last that long? I doubt it.

Usually home brew is best when 1 bottle is left!

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