Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Detailed: Ingredients for brewing

If you are in the US or if someone is coming from there, you can place your order online on www.morebeer.com. Create your account, choose items and place in your cart. Checkout, pay and choose a shipping method that will ensure you or your friend get the delivery in time. 

In UK, you can buy from www.hopandgrape.co.uk

If it is going to be in your friend's place for long, ask them to store the hops in the deep freezer and the yeast sachets in the chill tray. NOTE: do not store the yeast in the deep freezer. It will die. 

Based on how much you want to brew and how frequent you guys have access to people travelling from the US or UK, you can reduce quantities as required. But I would suggest the following:

Yeast :
1. Safale 04 dry yeast - 5 packets - English / American Ales

2. Safbrew T-58 dry yeast - 5 packets - Belgian Ales

3. Wb-06 dry yeast - 5 packets - German Wheat

5. Safbrew 33 dry yeast - 5 packets - Belgian Ales and other Wheat / Ales

Each packet of yeast should give you 2 to 3 batches of beer. You can choose to re-use yeast but initially, I don't recommend it. However, if you are keen, then read-up on yeast washing and give it a shot. In such a case, buy 2-3 packets each. Feel free to order other yeast. I recommend the above as I know their behaviour.


Northern Brewer OR any other high alpha hops for bittering. Preferably pellets. 1 packet of 1 pound or smaller packets to make up 1/2 pound is fine as you will use less.

Fuggles, English Aroma hops OR English Kent Goldings OR Brambling Cross 

Cascade, Citra, Amarillo, Simcoe,
1 pound each if you can bring and then share with others. Any other aroma hops you like.

Whirlflock - used for clarifying beer. added 10 min before end of boil. In the US, each tab is used for 5-6 gallons (20-25 litres) of wort. Use appropriately for your batch size. Wheat beers don't need this addition. 

If you are getting the material shipped to India, make sure you don’t choose first class mail from US as they hand over to Indian post here. That will cause problems. Use a more expensive shipping option.
P.S: Write to me to check if I have extra ingredients like malt, hops or yeast!


Brad said...

I'm looking for a place to buy hops and yeast in Delhi, or India in general. Do you know of any places? If so, please email me. indiabrad1@me.com. If I find one, I will post it here.

Brad said...

I'm looking for a place to buy Safale 05 yeast in India. I live in Delhi. If you know of any places, please email me at indiabrad1@me.com.

Unknown said...


Your article has been really informative. I wanted to ask if there is any way of getting the ingredients in India itself.

sapan said...

Great post.
What about malt extract ? Where do you get that from ?

KG said...

Really nice blog. I of the rarest blog on microbrewery from India. How successful were you in preparing the beer? Are you doing it regularly and how the beer tastes compared to any draft beer you had? Actually I am exploring the option of setting up a Beer Restaurant but the cost of setting up a microbrewery as some sites claim is atleast Rs 6 crores.

Unknown said...

Hi Naveen Mittal,

Hope you are doing great. This is krishna from chennai. I happened to pass by your blog and was surprised to see that we both share the same interest of beer brewing. In recent days i became obsessed about brewing my own beer so i tried to import ingredients yeast from UK twice but failed not sure if it was the game of postal department or customs but i didn't receive the shipment.

Was wondering if you got any extra yeast sachets to share. Inside India shipments wont be that difficult i guess. Just let me know dude.

Krishna Kumar