Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Update: 70% Wheat malt Hefeweizen

Thought I would take pictures while bottling the 70% Wheat malt Hefeweizen but did not end up doing that. Tasting, I did! Here is the picture that looks good but doesn't do justice to show the light straw / pale colour of the beer.

The higher % of wheat does give a better head on the beer in the glass, retains cloudiness (which does settle out in the 50% version) and is more grainy in taste. I think that is a good thing. Otherwise, the beer has similar aroma, mouth feel and taste.

I prefer the 70% version.



Unknown said...

Hi Navin Nice work, from ages i have been dreaming to brew a drink for myself but the equipment is not readily available i would like to take your help to ready a set up. can you help. I stay in thane

Unknown said...

It is a great and fun hobby you are following, i am interested to interact with you.